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This is something I haven't been able to find an answer to.  


What do you do when you have to mods that have a meta.ini file?  Can these be combined and one be overwritten?  Or are they simply incompatible?


The two mods I'm looking at are Live Another Life, and EstrusChaurus+


Have not installed Estrus as I do not want to screw anything up.

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You are both correct and wrong. Lets have a look into a meta.ini file.

modid=53271                      // That is the Nexus Mod ID, can be found in the URL 
version=                // The Version the Mod has
newestVersion=          // Newest Version that is aviable, updates when checking for  Updates
category="1,"                   // Mod Categories so you can filter mods 
// File name of the installation file
installationFile=1_Animated Dragon Wings (all-in-one) new2-53271-1-30.7z    
ignoredVersion=                 // If you don't want the red incicator when a new Version is there 
notes=                          // These you write youself in the "Information" Window
lastNexusQuery=                  // No idea 
endorsed=0                      // 0=not; 1= endorsed

It is Information for MO. You can overwrite it if you dont care for that.

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in short: if you don't use MO, as the overwrite prompt states, then you can not only ignore and/or overwrite the Meta.iNi, you can as well delete it.


P.s.: lastNexusQuery= will hold a date and time, from the last time you used MO to check for updates.

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