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[Curiosity Question] Is LOOT winning against BOSS in Oblivion modding?


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This is true for Skyrim. I've been playing happily Skyrim since like September and learned a lot.

LOOT is superior to BOSS in Skyrim as it no longer depends on masterlist but compares the plugins itself.

But does LOOT fare in Oblivion modding? Anyone have experience? After reinstalling LOOT I ran LOOT by mistake on Oblivion instead of on Skyrim and it broke my perfect load order. I couldn't even get to Oblivion main menu.

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Being as oblivion uses date stamps and is far older I would venture to say that LOOT is a complete waste of time for Oblivion gamers.

Even BOSS isn't all that great to be perfectly blunt.  I recommend people use BOSS only as a bulk sorter and then hand tweak things into proper order and then DON'T MESS WITH YOUR LO AGAIN!  Constantly running BOSS will F up your load order sure as night follows day.


Just my two cents.....from the guy who uses neither LOOT nor BOSS because neither are worth much.   :P

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Loot is mostly worked on for Skyrim, when Wrinkly has time, he might work on sorting/updating oblivion stuff too.


For now BOSS is 10000 times better than Loot for Oblivion.

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I'm going to agree with Greg here. Both are reasonable tools for the neophyte, but learning to manually sort mods by grasping what they do and when load order is important will stand you in good stead.


Learning how load orders effect your game, how they can go wrong and what you can do to repair them will reduce the number of 'complete re-installs'; maybe even to zero!


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maybe even to zero!

Thanks to hand-sorting, pre-examining, sanitizing, and maybe some manual edits to the .esp, and additionally thanks to senior modders' hard-learnt lessons (make-a-backup) I have never done total reinstall from the first day I had installed oblivion.


Nevetheless BOSS has been greatly handy for many of us. After all, it does a fine job, and more importantly, instead of saying like "move someMod above someOtherMod and someModElse below anotherMod.esp * 10!" we can simply say go run BOSS and come again. Very useful.

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