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lipSync in TFC?

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Hey there fellas. I really love the lip-sync feature and its great looking addition to the animations. However when ever I change to TFC mode for a better view of the animations ^.~ , the lip-sync stops all together.  Is there anything I can do to keep them going?  A command to enable or similar?  Or am I stuck with only enjoying it with the vanilla 3rd person view?

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You can completely rewrite Skyrim's game engine for a start.


or failing that, lip sync animation during TFC are 100% purposefully disabled. The lip sync itself plays fine while in TFC, it however results in pretty much a near 100% crash to desktop afterwards if allowed. 


If you absolutely need lip sync in TFC for machinima or "personal time" and don't care about Skyrim crashing anytime you try to save your game or do many other things after the sex scene you can change line 20 of sslBaseVoice.psc:

; // Skyrim/Data/Scripts/Source/sslBaseVoice.psc line 20
if Config.UseLipSync && Game.GetCameraState() != 3

; // CHANGE TO - to enable lip sync in TFC and many fun crash to desktops.
if Config.UseLipSync

Then recompile the script.

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Found a fix for this issue that will not result in a CTD situation, and still allow you to play the LipSync script with a TFC like camera.  Immersive First Person with the SexLabs addon installed.   With the options for the custom camera that will activate with the initiation of a SL scene, you set the camera to vanilla 3rd person view with maxed out rotations.  This gives you the feel of a TFC camera while technically using the 3rd person camera.  Free rotations and zoom.  Works like a charm.       :)

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