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I'm using 3DS max 2012 to animate.  I can successfully add animations using the vanilla skeleton and without Havoc Content Tools but I'd like to use XPMS.  From what I read, I'll have to use HCT to export the animations and because I'm using 2012, I'll have to export it out as an XML.

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I think you can just export animation out of HCT directly to packed hkx files.


It should be a setting under the Write to platform filter.


Also, IDK if this works but I think you can rename unpacked xml files to hkx and they maybe work in-game? (Not sure but would be cool to test I guess?)

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HA!  Success!!!


I introduced too many variables instead of just following this to the tee.  I was using the vanilla skeleton and the vanilla skeleton txt that's posted on there (not compatible with each other).


I tested out the two ideas you had.  Exporting out packed hkx files via HCT in Max 2012 won't work.  Renaming the file extension won't do it either.  It has to be done with hktcnv.exe


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