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What is the deal with this nipple glitch?


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For the love of god, why? It's only an issue on clothing/armour made for the UNP body. (Which of course means 90% of the content out there.) It doesn't seem to matter whether I'm using the UNP body or CBBE. Nipples always appear far lower than they should on UNP based clothing/armours.






Please tell me there's some way to fix this.

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Never encountered that issue, are you using a non-UNP body texture on a UNP body? I found when I used the UNPB body mod, without having installed the UNP first that the nipples were in the wrong place (turned UNP normal off in mod manager after UNPB was installed).


Guessing those more in the know than me would need to know which body and texture replacers you're using to be able to advise you, also the name of some of the armours you're encountering it on. Though if it's all, it seems unlikely it's the armour/clothing causing it.

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It looks fine naked when body type = texture type.


But armors (that includes the bikini) have a body in them. It replaces the naked body,.

If you use a UNP body, equiping a CBBE bikini it is the same as having a CBBE body with UNP textures.


--> : Then everything is fine when:Armor/Clothing type = body type = texture type


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Then everything is fine when:Armor/Clothing type = body type = texture type



You can only use armors from other body types without squishing boobs and seams if they cover that area which is obviously impossible for a bikini.




(Which of course means 90% of the content out there.)

There is not 90% unp only armor its more like 90% of all unp armors are also available for cbbe and other unp variants.

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Why everything so complicated make?
it is but very easy!


UNP body  = UNP textures = UNP outfits

CBBE body = CBBE textures = CBBE outfits
ADEC body = ADEC textures = ADEC outfits
CHSBHC body = CBBE v2 textures = CHSBHC outfits


only exception UNP \ UNPB \ 7B = UNP textures.


at use by outfits, of the wrong body types, will always arise graphic errors.

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