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Turn skyrim into sex game?

Sky Yuki

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Hahaha that question sound funny but no seriously

I want to remove all skyrim maps and leave only npc,sound,etc files

I need a custom made space that doesn't use skyrim resource too much

How do i make new game spawn on that custom made map?

If all of these is done then i think all that left is installing all sex mod and there we go!
(I will spawn npc with console)

PS.I was just wondering should i use oblivion interest?
The reason i want to remove all maps is because it take my HDD space

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As suggested by fizzybutt, you could just create a dedicated world space for such things. In addition to using those tutorials, you could also learn from the example of the alternate space mods found through the links:


Aether Suite(this one is a glimpse of a vision of an industrialized Tamriel)-


Tropical Islands-




Moonpath to Elsweyr-


The Desert of Elsweyr-


Shadow of Morrowind-


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