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SG Hair Gray Face after change in the Creation Kit.


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try console ~ , then click on npc and type "setnpcweight xx" xx = any number from 0 to 100, then save.

Thanks for the info, however, it didn't work. I tried to disable then enable the npc. It came back with the gray face and still the default hair. It fixed the skin but when I reloaded, the skin reverted back to gray.  :s

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If you changed the hair of the NPC you should have either recreated in your mod (if you plan to make the NPC standalone) or I think that you have to set the SGHair mod as master of your mod.

Oh, haven't tried that. I'll give it a try!


I tried converting it to a master file. It still came with the gray face and didn't have the right hair.  :( I don't know how to make them a standalone, so if you could offer any advice, that'd be grateful!

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