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Non skimpy vanilla armor for UNBP body?


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I haven't seen anyone make a conversion of the vanilla armor for that body-type that wasn't altered to be really skimpy. I’m fine with skimpy armor and all, but I’d like some normal vanilla armors that actually fit the body type I use. Maybe it doesn't exist, or maybe I just haven't run into it, idk. Any help is appreciated.

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Always wished for this myself. They do exist but suffer from issues that wont be fixed as they author of these conversions have either quit or disappeared. From what I understand however, there is a pack being worked on for the in development Citrus body, so good things may happen in the future.


It's a real shame, for Oblivion we had both none-skimpy sets for both females and even males. Oblivion never had anything like Bodyslide, which greatly simplifies the process. This is why I can't understand why something like this doesn't yet exist




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The whole point of UNPB is the curvy ass and big ol' tittays. :lol:


With that in mind, why the hell would someone convert the vanilla armors to that body? You can just put the original vanilla stuff on and it will look the same (and UNP variants are fine with vanilla armors and UV maps). no clipping or anything. Maybe just look for some nice retextures of the vanilla armors instead?

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The whole point of UNPB is the curvy ass and big ol' tittays. :lol:

I think you are mistaken about that statement...


UNPB's purpose was more about balance, trying to maintain a thin body for 0 weight and a busty 100 weight. It had a large variance between 0 and 100.


Saying that, 7base is about the big ass and fake tits. It was designed exclusively for the curvy ass and big ol' (fake) titays... (why I like 7base natural to reduce the breast implant look of them)



I really think that describes 7base, and not UNPB. Minor nitpick, probably shouldn't have said anything, but to tired to care!

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