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GTAV - Modding on PC?


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I'm pretty excited for GTAV on PC now that their doing first person and all the graphical improvements.  That said, I was hoping they'd have some expanded modding in the PC version of GTAV.   However, some on reddit are making it sound like there'll be NO modding in GTA due to the DRM they're picking?  Does the DRM matter for modding? 


Don't really understand how DRM works other than making sure the original game assets aren't modified.   Wouldn't something like a Mod Organizer work in GTA since it's using 'virtual directories' and not fully changing anything in the default install?


Was going to wait for the PC version, but if the Moddings going to suck I'll just get a Xbox One copy. :P

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Rockstar has made it a hobby to say fuck you to modders. Somehow modders has tendency to say the same thing back to Rockstar and just create there own tool to modify Rockstar games. :D


Anyway Rockstar games always been the hardest to modding because the maker is no Bethesda so no tools where released for modders to start modding any Rockstar games.

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