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  1. lol just as you posted this I did that and it worked as expected. Guess I made some mod changes and didn't rebuild the body correctly.
  2. Using AnimationsAddons43ErectionFixBySilverPrev with the body that comes with this patch and erections are working but the erection is HUGE. Any ideas on where to look to fix this? Nvm: Rebuilt the BTv2 body again with 0% erection slider and alls good now.
  3. So what are people's thoughts on what game will be the next big Modding game? Will we have to wait for Elder Scrolls 6 or you think something will come sooner?
  4. Resolved! Finally figured it out. Must have been something in the ini files that were in MO2's folders. Deleted the default ini files and re-created them with the Fallout 4 launcher. Then did the edits needed and copied those to the MO2 default profile folder and replaced the really old ini files there. Working great now! Finally.
  5. Thanks. I'll take a look at that. I can load a saved game, so it's not crashing in menus. It'll load the game, but about 1-2 minutes in it'll crash. Will try default settings files and look for empty text files. Have some mesh folders in overwrite from making a body in bodyslide, so might clean that folder and try it again with the bare MO2, F4SE and Enb setup.
  6. Well mine is pretty quick, like within a minute or two of loading a save. Tried rolling back to driver 419.67, that didn't do anything. I'm starting to wonder if some Windows patch isn't playing nice with MO2? Strange thing is Skyrim SE runs like a champ in the same MO2. Guess I'll wait a few more months on Fallout 4 and try again.
  7. Haven't played Fallout 4 in a while so fired it up recently. Started to get a CTD about 2 minutes in almost every time. Had been working fine about three months ago. OS: Windows 10 latest GPU: Nvidia RTX 2080ti Driver 430.86 CPU: Intel Core i7-7820X RAM: 32 GB Couldn't find an offending mod, so stripped everything back to just ENB, F4SE and MO2 version 2.2.0. And was still able to replicate the crash. Occasionally get this: Application Fallout4.exe has been blocked from accessing Graphics hardware. Tried launching Fallout 4 outsid
  8. Got a random issue where my Characters face seems to load dark after she dies and the save gets loaded again. When I load the first time after game startup it seems fine. Only appears when she dies and the last save loads. Ideas?
  9. Poor Feral Ghouls in AAF animations must of had their wangs rot off. Any mods help restore their genitals yet?
  10. Great solution for Body Physics! I'm more than impressed how simple it seems and how well it works. Does this work with Hair yet, like SMP KS Wigs SE?
  11. Same issue here. Trying to download, but rest of site is fine. Gotta be CloudFlare like what mehmetbakkal62 is saying. using TOR Browser and it works fine, just not working in FireFox
  12. Seems like characters don't want to let go of any weapons they have in their hands when a AAF animation starts. There a way to remove the weapons before the animation? Looks like there's some XML settings that 'should' handle it, but can't tell which one might have the issue. Any help? Thanks!
  13. Yeah I've hit this now as well. Looks like unlocking and removing leg binders doesn't remove the effect. Probably a bug. Would be good to have a MCM menu where you can reset all bound affects on the PC. Guess I'll disable DD for now.
  14. Yup, was listed in Looksmenu. Easy enough to remove. Thanks! Looking back to normal now.
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