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Tracing a script in skyrim


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According to my 64MB papyrus log, I think I've got a script that's spamming skyrim and slowing it down to a crawl. It appears to be "WD_DeviantCloak.psc", but I may be wrong. Regardless I came here in request for assistance in finding the culprit and what to do about it. I've attached my second most recent papyrus log as it's the only one I can open. Apparently, windows doesn't like it when you try and open a text file 612MB in size.


Any help would be appreciated. 

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Almost all of this log is dump stack errors, there is a lot wrong in your game. WD_DeviantCloak is not the cause but part of the collateral damage, the first scripts tossing errors are from Get Shelter and AKPSFurniture (or something like that, it is at position 87 in the load order). If the dump stack errors started showing up in logs before this one then these were likely broken then.


I doubt there is much you can do to save this game and will likely have to start a new one.

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A note about Dump Stack:


Most of the time they're by one script that spam function without end, so all this "spam" slow all the system...


An example:

Time ago, scripting, I've made a function that do a series of check to every item removed from the backpack, the function was sufficient light to not give any problem... but create a monstrous lag in the alchemy crafting session (because the game time is stopped, so: using an ingredient is like remove item from the backpack and all this function will fire all togheter when exiting from the crafting station)..


So.. give a look to your scripts, but what is showed in your papyrus log is the queque of the script that are late...

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