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Returning to Skyrim, need mod suggestions.


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So I left Skyrim for some time and have not been up to date with the newer mods. I see some modded screenshots of Skyrim which is looking much better now. I'm thinking of modding skyrim again, however I need some suggestions on what mods to get. What are the best looking or high res texture mods for characters, environments etc. or even skeletons for animation, is it still the same? what mods will be compatible for some of the mods on this site? thx in advance.

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Again, here is the best way to go S.T.E.P.. Really, before you do anything else, read once through this and then follow it step by step.
If you work through this, you will have a way more stable and better looking vanilla gameplay.
To change your gameplay experience in a family friendly way, GEMS provides good and famous mods for different expectations.
If you're more into some other stuff (what I expect, when you ask here ^^), then you should take the SexLab Framework, Aroused (Redux, is quite stable), ZaZ Animation Pack as a framework. For bodies take Schlongs Of Skyrim for male, More Nasty Critters for creatures and whatever body you want for female. CBBE and UNP(B ) are the most spread ones imo. As skeleton I would suggest you to take XPMS Extended (also on Nexus). It's more efficient, but you have to use HDT Physics Extension instead of TBBP animation.
For the next I can't really help anymore, because it's personal taste. If you want more "sweet" sex, Spouces Enhanced, Radiant Prostitution Tweaked or, very simple, Match Maker.
If you're more into rough sex, Alicia Painslut as follower, Defeat, Dangerously nude could be your choice.
Or, some BDSM, the framework: Devious Devices, Assets, DD Integration and DD Expansion and then maybe Devously Helpless, Devious Regulations the Captured Dreams Shop or Sanguines Debauchery Plus where you could end up as a sex slave.


This list could be expanded way more, these only is the top of the mountain, there are many many other great mods out there.


And, really important: Always double check, that you've also installed any needed requirement mentioned by the different mods!!!

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