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Serial Killer Mod??

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I'm looking to make a char serial killer. The reason that this topic is in Adult Mods is just because my will is to keep the victim in a position found in Zaz Animation (X-Cross, Pillory...). The problem is that i didn't find a way yet to keep the NPC in this sexual position after dead. My will is to keep killed NPC in a room with that postions, my first idea is Zaz Animation. Do you have some idea how to do that?

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Sounds more like torture porn than the usual variety of mods here, but it'd be interesting to see how something like this turned out.

Honestly, I don't even think it comes close to being a torture porn (maybe). 

Its just a violent act in a free world and you "the character" are doing what you please for your own character development or amusement.


Then again, I'd like to see this happen since murdering people in their sleep feels rather unsatisfying. 

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I already feel like a serial killer just by playing the game normally.

Gonna speak out my mind on this but mass murdering and serial killing are two different things.

One is art the other is just there. Most games will most likely never implement serial killing as it will be too much, whereas mass murdering isn't a bigger deal (for video games). 


Though the idea of it being put into this game would make it more interesting than dull.

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The concept of Serial Killer is kill following a "standard", a code.

For example, the character could  kill only Slavers (he doesn't like slavery) with a especific weapon (arrow on the neck) and the body is found in a specific standard (X-Cross Nude in a shack). Understand?

This is much more different than take the sword and killing anyone anywhere!

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