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KOTOR 1 & 2


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Is it possible to make adult mods for either of the KOTOR games? There are places in each game where adult mods would fit in nicely, especially TSL where the exile is asked to surrender and become a slave. There are modding tools for the game, and both games are very close in the way the NWN seres was scripted. The only thing I've ever found close to an adult mod would be an enhancement for the romance with Visas, but that is also only for a male exile, alas. All that mod entails is a kissing scene. Any ideas?

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The retail disk versions work fine in Windows 7, why wouldn't the Steam versions?


There are three things you have to do to the Steam version to get it to work with Windows 7.  You have to set up XP compatibility for KOTOR.exe, then you need to go into the ini file and shut off full screen and used windowed only. After that, you have to replace the mss32.dll file with a different one you can find here in this thread: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=194296. After all of that, both games will play, as you have to do that to both Steam versions. They are highly addictive games once you get them working. I'm waiting to get them both through GOG, because at least when they sell you a game, they usually have all the fixes included. I wish I could say the same for Steam, especially since you have to sign on to play the games you get through them. I don't really care for Steam, especially since my Steam account has been hacked on three different occasions now. I knopw, we're not here to discuss the virtues of Steam. I apologize for foaming at the mouth. I hope that little bit of info helps.


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