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How well will a 4k tv work as a monitor?


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I was looking at buying a 4k 2160p tv for my aging 720p plasma and after reading the specs I am curious if I can run my pc through one and get a good quality picture comparable to my monitor.  Max resolution is listed at 3840 x 2160 with a refresh rate of 120hz on both the Sony and Samsung I was looking at, is there a reason I am missing as to why this isnt a good idea? Modded out Skyrim sounds pretty good on a 55" screen....

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You may have to turn off any kind of "True Theater" type functions, or risk getting sick from watching it. I bought a HDTV early this year, and I motion sickness, complete with nausea and a raging headache, and rampant dizziness for a day and a half.


Had I known I could do that, I wouldn't have gotten a refund; it gave me the best picture I could have imagined.

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My main HTPC/gaming rig has been a 50" 1080p Panasonic plasma @ 60hz for 5 years and when I relocated sold a 42" plasma to a diehard PS3 gamer because he is also sensitive to motion blur.  New high end LCD TV have vastly improved in that regard but I still have problem with HD sports in big screen low-mid end LCD TV.  People who badmouth gaming on TV are the reflex game enthusiasts who need/think they can see every pixel movement and obsess about 100fps+, which until recently are only available in monitors at reasonable price. 


If you are sensitive to motion blur which is not the same as FPS awareness, high end Sony is superior in that regard vs. just about any other maker.  If not then any LCD TV would be fine. 


For 4K, you need a TV/GPU combo that supports Displayport or HDMI 1.4.  HDMI 1.3 only support 4K@30hz. 



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