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Horses are extremely buggy


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I'm not sure what could be causing this, but whenever an NPC is riding a horse, they will fly in random directions. There is no animation, they just float in circles then fly away from viewing distance. I tried updating FNIS, but I still have the problem. The only horse related mods I have are sexlab related mods, and horse armor. 

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Well I did a file validation check, and it had to recover two files, and I'm searching for some dirty plugins and such. If that doesn't work, than I'll try the saddle one, though it will conflict with my armor horses mod. 

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I can you not say what caused the error in your game, my presumption is sexlab and the horse armor mod.


edit: look once when the last update for the horse armor mod was made​​. if this was before publication of patch 1.9, this is probably your problem.


here you can see such bugs more.


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During testing of my mod, I saw the crazy flying horse bug once or twice, not often. In the end I came to the conclusion it may be because whilst I could ride the horse his active AI package was telling him to follow me (there's a bit where you have to return a horse and can either lead him or ride him).


I added an IsBeingRidden check to block the package when you choose to ride him. After that I never saw that bug again. I doubt that would be the only cause but perhaps you have a mod that is doing that? I'm sure there are many possible causes of the bug. Skyrim being Skyrim.

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