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[Sims 3] SH3 Model Gynoid from Buttgraab Industries - On Sale for §99,999!

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The SH3 Model Gynoid by Buttgraab Industries


Android Quality: Future Tech
Android Status: Sentient | Super Hot

Trait Chip Status:

  • Sentience
  • Efficient
  • Limitless Learning
  • Capacity To Love
  • Robotany Gardener
  • Competent Cleaner
  • Steel Chef

SH3 Model Details:


Due to a malfunction during secondary neural net design, the SH3 is more adaptive to living as a sentient being and is capable of companionship with plumbots, simbots, other androids, members of the occult races (fine people really, salt of the earth, salt of the earth), our alien overlords, and of course sims!


The stock model is designed completely as a family home assistant, but with a few tweaks to the personality bank, SH3 is more than capable of sustaining a job and a real life, even as a single unit, "living" on their own.

Extremely efficient, this unit should only require recharging once every 72 hours, making SH3's battery life 900% more functionally efficient an an IPhone 5, and of course, far easier on the eyes than SIRI.


-Some Assembly Required-


Hair - Alesso Wine
Skintone - Jointed Dollskin by Klavix
Eyes - Eyes Glow by Gnatgosplat | Illusive Man Eyes by Gnatgosplat
Brows - Arisuka
Clothing - Starfire Outfit by Kaliedofrog | Metalized Bodysuit by Lore


Installation Protocol:


The attached file has a sims3pack for those that prefer to use the launcher. Simply place it in your Downloads folder and install with the launcher.

For those that prefer loose installation, there is a Packages folder, which has a few shareable slider files that I use that if you don't have them, SH3 will not look anything like the picture on the box, so even if you use the sims3pack to install the SH3 model gynoid, please install the silder packages unless you already have them.

Place the SH3_.sim file in your Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Saved Sims folder.


Place the package files in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods/Packages

Then visit the above supplied links to ensure you have the creator resources used to create the SH3 model Gynoid.


Download - Mediafire



This gynoid was achieved using NRAAS Master Controller, if you do not have it, you may get variable results in your installation of the SH3 model gynoid.

The holo-receptor is a legacy byproduct of the design process, after much debate on the engineering floor, it was decided that the holo-receptor would be kept in the design because without it, it would be hard for most sims to tell the difference between the SH3 model gynoid and a regular sim, thus leading to potentially awkward one night stands.

Repetitive insertion of foreign objects into the SH3 model gynoid's Mons port may cause euphoria and addiction, and also, friction burns if the saline gel injection unit malfunctions. Please use caution when utilizing the SH3 model gynoid's Mons port. As the engineers at Buttgraab Industries say..."Check it before you wreck it."

It is not advised to utilize the SH3 model gynoid in homes with male teen sims between the ages of 10 and 18 due to potential complications that may arise. Buttgraab Industries does not assume liability for potential complications and purchase of the SH3 model Gynoid is an agreement in whole that you won't be suing us because your son (or daughter) has taken cybering to a whole new level (of awesome).


We here at Buttgraab Industries hope you enjoy your purchase of the SH3 model gynoid!


Future Plans:


- Rework skintone for metalized variant with accessory highlight map.

- Update firmware to make Mons port less demanding.

- Resolve bug in firmware programming that causes the SH3 model to occasionally ask you "does this outfit makes my ass look fat" because...that shit doesn't fly coming out of an android...seriously.

- Re-engineer design to remove visible holo-receptor from design.

- File for Chapter 13 bankruptcy after liquidating all Buttgraab Industries financial assets through offshore banks to Swiss accounts.

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She should end up in your Household bin.


To add her to an existing family, simply go into Edit Town mode, and click on Households. She should end up as a single household in the bin, you can then merge her with an existing household or allow her to live on her own as an independent household...though you'll need to train up her bot building skill so she can self adjust trait chips and add in the Workplace Drone Trait chip so she can pursue careers of any type if shes living independently.

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Nope. Still no joy.

I went through the required download list again and found the stuff I was missing. There is an eye set that has a dead link (401 error) that is a requirement to the starfire outfit. As near as I can figure this is what's preventing the gynoid from showing up.


I can see that she is installed in the front loading menu, as well as the hair, and all her clothes, eyebrows, shoes and gloves are showing up in game. The starfire outfit does not show up, but the metalized bodysuit does.


Does that help?



Does this require any special add on?

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It shouldn't require anything but TS3 and the Into the Future expansion. Even if you don't have the Starfire Outfit, she should turn up without gloves and boots only. And the Starfire Outfit doesn't have any base requirements that I'm aware of in regards to the boots and gloves, the body part of it does require a base mesh edit, but I don't use the body from that set.

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It shouldn't require anything but TS3 and the Into the Future expansion.


There's the issue. I don't have the expansion.

May I suggest that be one of the requirements listed. For us ignorant new people that are just starting out with Sims.


I'll grab that expansion this weekend, getting this dame to work has gone from "looks nice" to "I NEED THIS BITCH NOW!" :D

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How did you edit her with nrass


First. DO NOT try to give her more than the first outfit. She really bugs out, just don't.


I used the NRASS Master Controller, and one of the sub menus under "Advanced" has "Edit in CaS". Seems to work fine as long as you don't try to edit any of the secondary outfits.





I'm sure you will try it anyways. I would.

Her face will disappear, and she'll come back wearing ALL.... yes Every fucking thing. Then you will have to kill her off and start all over.


Told ya so.




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The conversion method for the gynoid should have allowed her to show up as a sim in the bin. Its slightly arcane on how to do it and I may have flubbed that up.


Far as changing her clothes I highly suggest using the Master Controller>Basic>Stylist option for that as compared to using Edit in CAS...cause Editing in CAS may turn up some weirdness with it due to the amount of bending it took to get her to come out like she did in the first place.

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Well I didn't even used NRASS to get this bot. I went into th future, bought default female bot then came back in present time, used bot to self-upgrade in bot-making machine and replaced her skin in create-a-simbot with SH3 gynoid. That is it - no nrass needed.


Anyway - she is awesome, I love her.


Thank you, backthere, for this beautiful blue rose.

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  • 1 month later...

might I make a suggestion? offer the option of setting her up as her own household? so rather then argue with the game just make her in the household bin?


okay she works fine she is not in create a sim she is in build a bot so she will have what ever your bot building skills can give her

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  • 2 months later...

any idea how to clear the human glitch? she turned human when I took her into the future and looks like she sorts wrong in the people list


trying something

going to make a normal plumbot

feed it back into the workstation

see what happens


okay that didn't work but did make her future tech


my suggestion is optional just to download a household

I am still working on it trying different edits I am now trying

to see if something can be transferred to her from a fresh plumbot


like maybe inject life state bits from that


I found a stable gynoid on the exchange hoping the builder gets back to me on how he did it

if anybody wants to try and reverse engineer



I may have found a way I still have yet to test it but guy who made this gynoid you might beable to make use of this I am testing it with your model as we speak



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