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  1. Did you ever find a fix for this. I'm now having the same problem.
  2. RTBP Preview v0.3-p5 2020-12-19 is working for me. Breasts are not flopping all around and the game starts with no problem.
  3. Tried that before. I deleted everything in the save folder, WWnfolog and the localthumbcache and started a new game after I removed AEP. I going to kept removing mods to see if anything else is causing it.
  4. Don't have sugar life but by removing mods it seems that the AEP mod is somehow causing the last exception. I still am missing penises in CAS (had them before and can't tell which skintone is causing the black penis without going back and forth into CAS)
  5. I've been getting this error and some of the sims penises don't show up in CAS. When I checked with the last exception assistant it says it is " Script Mod Import Error (wickedwhims.nudity.body.penis) Broken/Outdated mod is importing the 'wickedwhims.nudity.body.penis' module." I have version 162a and my game is at version Any ideas as how I can fix this? lastException.txt
  6. Try using a different computer. I have a few CC computers that won't show any of the AEP functions.
  7. No offence taken. I was under the understanding that the problem was the invisible line above the butt so I gave out the fix that worked for me. There is one workaround. When I was trying to fix the invisible line I found that if I used Wicked Whims body selector and set it to default for the male bottoms (hard and soft penis) the line would go away. The only drawback is that you can't use custom male bottoms but you will have the movement.
  8. That's the fix for males that I used and it worked for me. Go to to your game/bin/RTBP/settings.ini and change the male butt physics from true to false.
  9. Had the same problem using Noirs pornstar cock. Fixed it by going into the settings for real time body physics (game/bin/RTBP/settings.ini) and change enablemalebuttphysics to false. That fixed it for me.
  10. Did you add both the RTBP folder and d3d3.dll files to the game/bin folder?
  11. Thanks that worked. I put the RTBP folder and the d3d9.dll in the bin folder and it worked.
  12. Same here. There is another file that came with the new version (settings.ini) does that have to be placed somewhere for it to work? I like the mod it shows great promise. Can't wait for a final version.
  13. Thanks for all of your work. I hope it's only the last post for awhile and not forever.
  14. Does anyone know of a mod or cheat that will completely remove a skill? I've tried MCCC but it will only allow you to drop the skill to 1 not 0.
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