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Crashing in Primm


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Honestly it might be because of my horde or mods that I need to keep myself from going on mod sites, but do you think you can spare some time to help me? When I first went into Primm it didn't crash, until I left the casino. I do have like 3 mods involving Primm so maybe one of them are not playing nice with the others?
My Current Load Order

[X] FalloutNV.esm
[X] Project Nevada - Core.esm
[X] Project Nevada - Equipment.esm
[X] DeadMoney.esm
[X] HonestHearts.esm
[X] OldWorldBlues.esm
[X] LonesomeRoad.esm
[X] GunRunnersArsenal.esm
[X] ClassicPack.esm
[X] MercenaryPack.esm
[X] TribalPack.esm
[X] CaravanPack.esm
[X] IWS-Core.esm
[X] Companion Core.esm
[X] CHEMS.esm
[X] More Perks.esm
[X] More Perks for Companions.esm
[X] More Traits.esm
[X] Primary Needs HUD.esm
[X] rePopulated Wasteland.esm
[X] RobCo Certified.esm
[X] Sexout.esm
[X] SexoutCommonResources.esm
[X] cortexscrambler.esm
[X] 11K2_Tops Pool.esm
[X] SexoutSlavery.esm
[X] SexoutStore.esm
[X] wsex.esm
[X] Afterschool Special.esm
[X] UWHNV-Core.esm
[X] SexoutDrugging.esm
[X] SexoutSoliciting.esm
[X] Project Nevada - Extra Options.esm
[X] Project Nevada - Rebalance.esp
[X] Project Nevada - Cyberware.esp
[X] The New Bison Steve Hotel.esm
[X] SexoutLegion.esm
[X] SexoutPregnancyV3.esm
[X] SexoutOffSpring.esm
[X] new vegas radios.esp
[X] RHKBooneWarnFix.esp
[X] Centered 3rd Person Camera.esp
[X] delilah.esp
[X] K2_MetalArmorReplacer.esp
[X] 11K2_Tops Pool.esp
[X] KDC_Companions_Removable_Armors.esp
[X] Novac Reborn.esp
[X] PlayerRoom.esp
[X] PrimmCarnival.esp
[X] Primm Reborn.esp
[X] The Mod Configuration Menu.esp
[X] The Weapon Mod Menu.esp
[X] populatedcasino.esp
[X] UWHNV-Addon-DLC.esp
[X] UWHNV-Addon-GRA.esp
[X] UWHNV-Addon-FollowerHome.esp
[X] UWHNV-Addon-NoCompanionsRoom.esp
[X] SexoutZAZ.esp
[X] SexoutNCR.esp
[X] SexoutKings.esp
[X] SexoutFiends.esp
[X] SexoutPowderGangers.esp
[X] Project Nevada - Cyberware Additions.esp
[X] Project Nevada - Rebalance Complete.esp
[X] Project Nevada - All DLC.esp
[X] Machienzo-RadioNewVegasFixv11.esp
[X] wsexInnuendoAnims.esp
[X] wsexInnuendoNPCs.esp
[X] More Perks Update.esp
[X] More Perks for Companions Update.esp
[X] More Traits Update.esp
[X] IWS-Core-Patrols.esp
[X] IWS-Core-Guards.esp
[X] IWS-Core-Civilians.esp
[X] IWS-DM.esp
[X] IWS-HH.esp
[X] IWS-OWB.esp
[X] IWS-LR.esp
[X] You take a sip from your trusty Vault 13 canteen.esp
[X] CHEMS - Benches.esp
[X] CHEMS - Basic Chems.esp
[X] Tryout-PG Kennel.esp
[X] 1nivVSLArmors.esp
[X] bzArmour.esp
[X] bzBodySuits.esp
[X] Free Tribal Outfits.esp
[X] Neckchains.esp
[X] Sunglasses Shipment.esp
[X] Sunglasses Shipment - Four Eyes.esp
[X] Sunglasses Shipment - Merchant.esp
[X] Tailor Maid - NV.esp
[X] Comp_Idles_NV.esp
[X] RobCo Certified Friendly Hit Fixer.esp
[X] SexoutSS_C.esp
[X] SexoutPregDebug.esp
[X] SexoutRapist.esp
[X] SexoutSex.esp
[X] SexoutYield.esp
[ ] SexyCorsets.esp
[X] CourierCacheWSE.esp
[X] SunnyCompanion.esp
[X] SexoutKhans.esp
[X] SexoutWorkingGirl.esp
[X] calyps-sexyfisto.esp
[X] BennyReturns.esp
[X] BetterArcade.esp
[X] UnlimitedCompanions.esp
[X] dD - Enhanced Blood Main NV.esp
[X] Imp's More Complex Needs.esp
[X] Imp's More Complex Needs - JA - SORTED.esp
[X] IMCNNV - Sorted.esp
[X] IMCNNV - HUD and Hotkeys.esp
[X] NessaBoSPervertFix.esp
[X] Tryout-PG IMCN.esp
[X] SexoutOffspringDialogue.esp
[X] SexoutPowderGangers (HPT Tweaks).esp
[X] Tryout - Hard Prison Time.esp
[X] BrigComp.esp
[ ] LFox Bottle That Water.esp
[ ] Sarsaparilla.esp
[X] Fellout.esp
[X] Fellout-OWB.esp
[X] Slof's Male Stuff.esp
[X] Male_Sleepwear_Open.esp
[X] SexoutCheckMeOut.esp
[X] LightUpAndSmokeThoseCigarettes_edisleado.esp
[X] Its Gold.esp
[X] Sexout-Wear-And-Tear.esp
[ ] UWHNV-BTW.esp
[X] UWHNV-SortingOverhaul.esp
[X] Impact - TheGamingRig.esp
[X] Impact - TheGamingRig - AllDLC.esp
[X] SexoutSCRDebug.esp
[X] SexoutLust.esp
[X] SexoutSpunk.esp
[X] SexoutSexAssault.esp
[X] 1stReconArmor_Lite.esp
[X] Legion, Crimson Caravan, Van Graff and Enclave Alignment Correction 02.esp
[X] Better Game Performance.esp
[X] FNV - ShopHome V2.esp
[X] lightupandsmokethosecigarettes_dm.esp
[X] Companion Sandbox Mode3.esp
[X] SGDs Headwrap.esp
[X] Blood Transfusion.esp
[X] Cards and Currency.esp
[X] NV SuperRailRifle.esp
[X] pimpboy fix.esp
[X] 555BetterAutoInjectChems-40S-60R-FOOK.esp
[X] 555BetterAutoInjectChems-40S-60R.esp
[X] 555BetterAutoInjectChems-50S-75R-FOOK.esp
[X] 555BetterAutoInjectChems-50S-75R.esp
[X] 555BetterAutoInjectChems-FOOK.esp
[X] 555BetterAutoInjectChems.esp
[X] Katana NV.esp
[X] AdrinkingScavengerHunt.esp
[X] SexoutClothingEval.esp
[X] SGD's Black Bandana.esp
[X] Cloth Impacts - Decal and Effects.esp
[X] SexoutSound.esp
[X] Strip Wall Billboards.esp
[X] GannonLegion.esp
[X] Victors Shack GSPH.esp
[X] Whiskey Incender Grenades.esp
[X] Imp's Timescale Adjuster.esp

NVAC shit


27194354 _ NewVegasAntiCrash FalloutNV.exe
27194354 _ 0FFD0000 07020100 nvac.dll
27194354 _ 14620000 04050070 nvse_1_4.dll
27194727 ; script 'Expression Error: SYNTAX' (00000000).
27194832 h 00A2F0F0 8B4F2C51 FalloutNV.exe
27194832 h 00A32C7D 8B70788D FalloutNV.exe
27194832 h 00A32C93 8B16508B FalloutNV.exe
27194832 h 00A32C96 8B828C00 FalloutNV.exe
27194832 n 00000000 00A32CA0
27194832 r 00A32CA0 00000000 FalloutNV.exe
27194832 h 00A5C580 8B068B50 FalloutNV.exe
27194832 h 00A5C582 8B50088B FalloutNV.exe
27194832 n 00000000 00A5C589
27194832 r 00A5C589 00000000 FalloutNV.exe
27194832 h 00A5C59B 8B763085 FalloutNV.exe
27194832 h 00A5C580 8B068B50 FalloutNV.exe
27194832 h 00A5C582 8B50088B FalloutNV.exe
27194832 n 00000000 00A5C589
27194832 r 00A5C589 00000000 FalloutNV.exe
27194832 h 00A5C59B 8B763085 FalloutNV.exe
27194832 h 00A6D494 8B403085 FalloutNV.exe
27194832 r 00A2F0FB 76538F74 FalloutNV.exe
27194832 h 76538F74 F00FC101 KERNEL32.DLL
27194832 ^ 00A2F0FB 00000000 FalloutNV.exe
27194832 r 00A2F0FB 76539072 FalloutNV.exe
27194832 h 76539072 F00FC101 KERNEL32.DLL
27194832 ^ 00A2F0FB 00000000 FalloutNV.exe
27194832 h 00A5C466 895D0C83 FalloutNV.exe
27194832 h 00A31B4D 3B712C75 FalloutNV.exe
27194832 h 00A5C4F4 8B473085 FalloutNV.exe
27194832 h 00A31B5D 8B7A308B FalloutNV.exe
27194832 r 2317D400 76539072
27194832 r 00A31B75 76539072 FalloutNV.exe
27194832 h 76539072 F00FC101 KERNEL32.DLL
27194832 ^ 00A31B75 00000001 FalloutNV.exe
27194832 h 00A31B96 8B7E3083 FalloutNV.exe
27194832 h 00A31BBB 892E83C5 FalloutNV.exe
27194832 h 00A31D65 8B118B82 FalloutNV.exe
27194832 h 00A31D67 8B828C00 FalloutNV.exe
27194832 n 00000000 00A31D70
27194832 r 00A31D70 00000000 FalloutNV.exe
27194832 n 00000000 00000000
27194832 r 00A2F0FB 0000000D FalloutNV.exe
27194832 h 00A2F0FF C7464000 FalloutNV.exe
27194832 n 00000000 00000001
27194832 r 004EFFDA 00000016 FalloutNV.exe




I think that is everything, let me know if I forgot anything important to paste, and if you can figure out what is wrong with my game (other than me having too many mods. :P )

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Guest carywinton

My first thought here would be to run your list of mods through FNVEdit and see what this reveals using a conflict filter. That would be a good place to start to narrow down possible conflicts in Primm.

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You just unzip the FNVEdit rar and run the FNVEdit.exe it will bring up a master/plugin selection in this list it will have all the mods you have installed in your game folder the one that are ticked are the ones that are active and the ones with a empty box are ones that are not active in your game. Hit ok at the bottom of the master/plugin box and FNVEdit will *try* to load everything that you have installed into your game if it hits a error in your load order it will stop and tell you why it stopped in the bottom right hand area. Read the error fix it and close FNVEdit and repeat starting FNVEdit till it can load everything up without hitting any errors.


Then try your game again also once FNVEdit is done loading everything up scroll through the list on the right and look for any type of errors that might be there and see if you can either fix them or get rid of them.

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Guest carywinton

Setting up the conflict detection filter once you have the program get past it's first run and load all your plugin files, it will say finished loading in the message view window, right hand side of screen. I highly recommend the full reading and download of the guide made by Miax and JustinOther, it looks complicated at first, trust me I know, but once you get some idea of the function and how to setup the different filters it will be the best thing to find problems for you.




After you have a look if you still need some help with conflict detection filter setup, let me know.


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