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Need help on sexlab animation "freeze"

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Hi, I just need some help as now my sex lab animations always slow to start (I understand, as my game is heavily modded) but now it always stuck at doing foreplay (in short, after the undress animations, they just doing foreplay forever and never do the "penetrations"). If I switch off foreplay, they will banging each-other forever and never cum and finish the sex........


I am using the latest skyrim patch/DLC, USKP, sexlab, skeletons ...etc


The following list is my load-order, can anyone have a look and give some suggestions?




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Have you tried hitting the space bar to move the animation along maybe it got set to manual in sexlab.


I did. I even go to MCM and switch "auto advance stage" on and off. Occassionally, it works. But usually they just never advance to the next stage.


One interesting part is that, when I quit to desktop if that trick failed, I always has that "

Runtime error R6025 - pure virtual function" error........
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