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microstuttering fix?


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As some of you may know the game is plagued by a hardly noticeable microstutter. You can see it for example if you look at a wall and strafe.


Has anyone found a fix for this? Up to now I found 2:

1. Running the game in windowed mode. The downside is that running in windowed mode makes loading much slower and I get real actual 10 sec stutters.


2. FPS Limiter. This works but many people reported that it fucks up the game timer and that's the reason I don't use it.

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I think I should point out to this on one of the tech sites I visit.


Frame time data gives us a much better sense of overall smoothness and playability. In a perfect world, we'd want cards to spit out frames in about 16.7 milliseconds each (which would mean 60 frames rendered per second). Just as importantly, we'd want to ensure consistently low frame rendering times. Even momentary spikes in frame rendering times can translate into perceived choppiness—and overall FPS numbers can't capture that.


Also, they found out an interesting issue with Skyrim and FPS with this:



Quoted down below if lazy:

Bingo. The snow storm doesn't cause jitter on its own, and neither does the fire animation. Combine the two, though, and things go a little crazy. Here's a close-up of what the jitter looks like:


So in summary, this is what I and the tech guys suggest: The good news is Skyrim's "high" detail preset is already plenty detailed, and it doesn't stress cheaper cards like the GeForce GTX 460 and Radeon HD 6850 all that much. In other words, you'll benefit from a fast GPU in this game, but a not-so-fast one will still deliver a great experience.

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I have been using something that sort of seems like it helps, but I still see the game stutter you speak of.





I am not like sure this helps, but it seems to, and it is a non affecting helper either way. so I use it.


revolves around the problem with multi core CPU trying to idle back and up according to load needs, which I believe is a major part of the problem you describe.


another one some people like for the same reason is Throttlestop. It is good, but can be troublesome to set properly for some people, I have it, but do not like using it.

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