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Script compiler/decompiler

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Does anyone know of a good script compiler/decompiler?


e.g. something that will decompile a script, let me change a variable or two, then recompile it so it's mod-readable again?


I've tried this one:


And it decompiles fine but then the recompiled script makes the mod break.

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Guest Plastrader


It does the same thing.

Sure you see the intent of the script, but you have to rewrite it in order for it to work properly.


So I'd say "No, Content Consumer there isn't"


It's not as easy it seem to decompile papyrus scripts as it is to decompile java sources...



Come to think of it, none of the two does do anything else than what the CK "PapyrusAssembler.exe" does with the decompile flag.


I think I'll remove my endorsement from the one that I did endorse...

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