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[Req] Safe desktop change scheduler


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Hello guys and gals.


I am currently on the lookout for a safe sheduler programm that can change my desktop wallpaper according to the computers internal clock.


What I mean by that is a programm that is absolutely free of Malware, Adware, Trojans and the like that can run in the back and change my desktop from a SFW wallpaper to a NSFW wallpaper at 10 pm to 2 am.


I'd be even willing to pay for the software if necessary. But not to much, I am just asking for a skript after all.



So do any of you know of such a programm? Then please reply and share your thoughts.





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Thanks. This looks very good. I'm gonna test trial out later today.



I also have a Mac that I like to use for general browsing. It would be nice to have the same functionality there. So far the only topics I could find on the subject were for computer newcomers that detailed how to change the rotation interval between Images.

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Batch files are just text files that hold the commands you would type at the command prompt. So if you put up a certain image at a certain time, in the batch file, you'd just copy it You can get a lot more complicated with things like powershell (which is what I'd do personally) but my point is simply that the think you asked for -- some way to schedule a task at certain times of the day in windows -- is built in to the OS (and every 'real' OS, actually).


I think it's silly to pay for software to do something like that, or run the risk of malware/adware/etc in looking for a free one.

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