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  1. I didn't mention this because i'm a pleb that hasn't bothered with learning the CK, and the original post asked for a mod, though using the CK is an excellent choice. My CK was broken for a long time, the most i've done successfully is change the properties of DD items to be different plug vibration types lol.
  2. Not tried it with stuff from this mod, but zaz furnitures you can place using console, then use like jasonx positioner to move them around/straighten them
  3. Fair. Think it was SD+ that once had my character bound on a x-frame, and a nearby NPC decided to use my char for target practice. It was very... memorable.
  4. Not had a chance to run Whorecrux, though i've been using SLSO for a bit. THis genre of mod seems like it might be suited to something like this? I'll probably use it myself, but it might be fun to have a bit of integration there.
  5. you recommend just overwriting with MO, or outright replacing?
  6. I told sexlab to consider myself male, so went with that. I can manually change the animation to vaginal in sexlab, so at least the animation *works*. Loaded my old loadorder and the associated save. Only change between this loadorder is that certain mod (and i also deleted a few bikini armor mods to get back under the mod limit). My old save works flawlessly, and triggers missionary sex as expected when using Matchmaker. So i'm pretty sure its that one mod that won't stop limiting what animations i can be in. EDIT: so yeah. I can let that guy i was helping
  7. Yeah, all i had on was piercings for clit/nipples, didn't expect that to cause problems. I need to tame my loadorder, but for now i am just rolling back to a prior load order i had working before upgrading that mod. I didn't expect that mod to create such a mess, really really annoying to start a 2 person animation then suddenly get thrown into a solo animation.
  8. Honestly, i was testing it to help someone on a discord i was in, since they wanted to play a Futa char. but my loadorder is a mess. I was cleaning it up, and havent finished yet. If things work on my save once i fix my bashed patch, i might be willing to test. Specifically, blowjobs show up in the list of animations, but not anything vaginal. Might be more complicated, but idk. I"m kinda strung many ways rn. EDIT: i'm using like sexlab tools or something to see the list of valid animations. I should look at the tags in the console if this is still happening.
  9. It's been a month since the last post from the creator, but it's been a rough year on us all. I'm still holding out hope.
  10. The update for the framework that shall not be named somehow made it so that my test Futa character can't penetrate anyone and i don't know why. i look forward to something more stable, i'm rolling back to what i know works and reverting to my backup save.
  11. Last i checked, it's literally just attend taverns and you yourself look for someone named Jack. he's got a chance to show up, whether or not you have a belt on.
  12. Think i read that there were reasons to not run PSQ. Something about script lag or conflicts? I'll have to research this..
  13. I'm going to try this out. Any other mods you recommend trying while i'm at it, for a Succubus theme?
  14. Looking forward to it. Current attempt at running slaverun and this kinda failed. SO need to make a new save and mess with load order and fix it.
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