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sex with cats


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So I was wondering are there any cat bestiality mods out there? I know there's one for dogs and horses but are there any that have cats in them not just saber cats but domestic ones too


Always have been a big cat person and I know that cat bestiality is rare but if someone can find or make this that would be great

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The people that make new monster/creature mods and the people that make sexual mods are generally two different groups. Three even. You need a model for the animal, you need animation and you need scripting. That's usually three different types of modding usually done by three different types of modders.


1st, you need to go to where modders who make new creatures or use creature models from other game and request a cat - probably a extra large one given what you want to do with it. You are more likely to find such a modder in the non-adult forums.


2nd, you would need to go to a animator and let them know that such a creature exists and that there is interest in adding sexual animation for it. (However as its not a default creature, adding it might be kind a of difficult - unless the game counted it as an already existing creature, like a Saber Cat)


3rd, you would have to let a scripter, like the author of SexLab Defeat for example, know that the creature/animation exist and that there is interest in having it added to mods.

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If the cats are built upon dogs in a particular mod,it would only require creating a penis mesh and texture for the cats and getting the Creation Kit to tag them as a type of dog if it hasn't already. If they are built upon saber cats,then one has but to use a retextured version of penis mesh and use the Creation Kit to tag them as saber cats to use their animation in SexLab. 

It will still require work,but not nearly as much as making all new animations and full body meshes would.

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