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CoC Urta follower mod (REQ)


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a thought came to mind recently. Basically a follower mod that implements Urta from corruption of champions. I don't know the first think about moding or codeing and I don't THINK this kind of mod exists (if it does let me know) the only real requirements are that shi looks like urta (ya can find concept art on e621.net and just type in urta in the search bar) and that shi has the following:


1: Shi has a iron, steel, ebony, or custom battleaxe to take place of hir halberd.


2:she has a decent set of armor preferably one that matches hir battleaxe (iron, steel, ebony, leather, or custom.


3: Shi has decent stats like say that of a companion or mid-high level enemy


4: Shi has either hoggenbrew or blackbrir mead on hir and has an animation were Shi drinks said mead and a drunken state/animation aswell as buffs and debuffs for when she inters the drunken state (kinda like a one-a-day race ability)


5: She can be found at the bannered mare sitting at a table drunk and when you walk in she gets up walks out back and then starts masturbating and will not cum Intel you "help" hir (basically recreating the bar seen from CoC)


6: finally she can become pregnant and have a child (50% chance on it being male or female and 75% herm )after she warms up to you and you complete a quest with hir were she finds a fertility potion and drinks it.



I hope I'm not asking to much but this really would be nice.

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bit of an update even tho this tread is dead (sorry i'm a necromancer) i think leather body armor will be best maby steel (upgraded above fine would be nice), an ebony battleaxe, steel boots and gloves (not impeiral). 


oh um this one is optional but a noric voiceset wold be nice i always imagined hir to have an irish or slightly british/scotish accent

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