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Thief armor


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Hi all! I'm looking for a good thief armor replacer (I hate the vanilla armor for thieves guild), skimpy or not, very sexy or not, but for UNPB and, in case, BBP. I searched fot it but without solution.  :-/


Sorry my bad english, it's not my native language...



P.S.: I think that the Leather Thief Armor - UNPB BBP of Aradia it's awesome but I'm looking for a replacer.

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Replacer, just replace the corresponding files. Name the ardias files the same as the vanilla thieves guild armors.


that is correct, you do not even need the ESP file. you only install the texture file, as prespecified in mod (path of mods) the meshes you copy to the location of the vanilla armor. it is quite simple.

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