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Missing meshes and textures folders

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Hey, folks, it's me again.


I'm trying to replace some idle animations manually, but I seem to be missing the meshes folder that belongs in the Skyrim directory in the Data folder. I decided to look for the textures folder, and, 1.5 seconds later, realized that it is also missing.


At the end of August I switched to MO, so I have no clue as to where those folders went. Obviously they still exist somewhere; I have all of the meshes and textures intact when I play.



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If installed using MO it is inside MO's folder under "mods". If you download something it is in the "downloads" folder. If you ever need to do something with your profile.. it is in the "profiles' folder.. funny how that works  :D.


Find your MO folder and all the rest will be easy to figure out. Also .. slap your hand before you do some damage to your game. If you are using MO you shouldn't ever need to do anything with textures, meshes and yes Animations manually.. Seriously slap your hand and stop. Create a folder with what you want to replace in the correct folders as if you would be manually installing them.. Zip it up.. Install with MO, Activate and check the conflicts tab. Your animations should show that they are overwriting the originals. No harm to your game folder at all. If you screwed up.. reinstall the mod and change the placement of the mods again.. :D. It seems hard at first but soon you will understand and wonder why don't everybody else do it this way.. ;).

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Yea.. Open the Skyrim folder up.. Examine it by all means. Perhaps even extract the files from the BSA so that you can really see the structure. I did this for FNV and FO3 to understand what is what and where everything is at.. I understand. Then create folders .. With MO you don't have to worry about messing something up and you have a check. The conflicts should show you what is there and if every file you loaded up is there it is a success. Your Skyrim folder is clean and safe and you have the files you need. There is a MO thread that you can continue with questions r/t MO with many experienced individuals that can help you further. They might even be familiar with the structure of the folders that you are working on. They can answer questions and who knows they might like the collection you are assembling and might be willing to give your textures a try. After all with MO nothing is harmed. I am current running a Beta of a mod for an author .. Rough beta but still beta without any concerns as I can create a profile and play regular game .. Yea MO. ( If you go to that thread by AwefulArchDemon... you will get that reference. Inside joke)

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