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CTD during save loading


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So this is my problem, when I start the game and load a save I get often a CTD. It takes me usualy 2 or 3 attempts to load a save successfully. All the solutions I have found talk about corrupted saves but I don't think my saves are corrupted, else I guess they wouldn't load at all and it happends with the save I've made in riverwood after the intro wich I think has little chance of being corrupted.

Once I've successfully loaded a save I don't get anymore CTDs when loading saves as long as I don't close the game. My game is also very stable, no CTDs while playing, only this "first load problem".


If anyone know a solution for this I will really appreciate. Thanks.

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I've not found a solution to this problem, the best work around I've seen is to make a new game and then save straight away and then always use that save to load other saves as I've had plenty of save games like yours that are perfectly playable if loaded from a "fresh" save or a new game (making a new game each time gets old very quick)

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CTD on load is a very common problem, and the causes vary.


I was having a constant CTD on load problem and I found out a few things you can do to avoid it.


- Don't quick/auto save

- Avoid saving when a lot of things are going on nearby (lots of enemies, etc.)

- Avoid overwriting saves

- Preferably, save in interiors

- For your own sake, turn off Steam Cloud Sync.; I've found out that if it fails to synchronize your save and you try to load it, it CTDs

- Also, what pinky said. I don't think you actually need to start a new game, though; straight from the menu, type in 'coc qasmoke', and as soon as stuff finishes loading, load your game

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