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Animations don't play and other issues

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Hey, I'm having a couple issues, and hopefully you can help me get them fixed.


First issue: Custom Animations have stopped playing. My FNIS is updated, I ran the FNIS updater just before starting, etc. I'm running Mod Organizer, but they were working for some time after I switched.


Second Issue: Whenever I load my game, it tells me Devious Assets has an error: Assets Undefined. I'm updated to the most recent version, so I don't know what this could be.


Third issue: Whenever a female is nude and her vagina would be in frame, even behind something else, infinite black textures shoot out instead. Naturally, this is an issue. Any clue what's causing it and/or how to fix it?


Any help would be appreciated. I can provide a mod list once I figure out how to export it from MO.

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I did read the thread, and have followed its instructions, but I'm noticing that when I attempt to run FNIS, it returns "Reading Sexlab V?.?..." and doesn't list the number or type of animations found. Do you have any clue why this is or how it relates to sexlab animations not working?


Also, the thread sadly doesn't have any suggestions for the strange vagina mesh issue, or devious assets constantly reporting as missing.

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