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Mod Request. 18+++


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I would like to request 3 mods, these are strictly adult and limited preference. I am attaching pictures of the concept I have. The way I figure it would have to work is to make special animal creatures with their own skeletons.


First one is for a unique mount. post-425381-0-24633300-1413139956_thumb.jpg


Second one is also for a unique mount. post-425381-0-56497200-1413140038_thumb.jpg


Third request is for a purchasable carriage upgrade for hearthfire houses. post-425381-0-19520900-1413140122_thumb.jpg

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Guest Nico28469

Let's be honest here: It will probably never happen. Animators and 3D modelers needed for those meshes and anims (which are needed for what you are asking) are extremely rare.

They also need to be interested in doing it since they will do it for free.


I already saw those requested in another thread, but nothing came out of it. If the models already existed, then maybe it would have been possible. But by the very long time I've been playing Skyrim and going through forums, I've never seen any meshes like that.

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