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The Mod Configuration Menu.esp

Under Package Manager:
BnB BodyExtender Compatability Skeleton
SCR Resources
SexoutNG - Core
SexoutNG - Data
The Mod Configuration Menu

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1. The Classic Pack has always shown up as first on my list because I have a pre-ordered version.
2. That's partially what I was thinking was the problem. I put together all the mod's files (into their respective folders like the meshes/textures) for SCR then used Create From Folder. I thought that I might have made a mistake there so I ripped out all of my mods and tried just starting it with SCR and Classic Pack installed and it started up just fine. I didn't get into a game with it because from what it looks like to me (I'm new to modding Bethesda games) it's just the resources to use SexoutNG. But when I installed SexoutNG after SCR, Fallout wouldn't start.

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first read and do what the tutorial tells you to do. second be sure all is ok then this is how you should do your load order






and other sexout.esm mods

here other mods .esm

The Mod Configuration Menu.esp


be sure you do all what the guide tells you

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