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The possibility of 360 degree movement for all animations?


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I've been wanting to make my playthrough of Skyrim in 3rd person more interesting but so far to no avail.

I feel 360 degree movement for all the animations could do alot for 3rd person gameplay. The mod 360 Walk and Run Plus is only good for movement, I and I'm pretty sure a lot of others would enjoy being able to attack in the direction the character is walking. Imagine combining that with the current 'hot' mod Floating Healthbars and you've got yourself a whole new experience. Maybe add another layer of modding to animations so that enemies that aren't 2x bigger than you are staggered when you hit them with low level weapons.


I'm basically trying to bring Dark Souls-like gameplay into Skyrim but I have no idea if it's possible to add directional movement. Anybody know if it's possible to mod it in?



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I imagine a 360-degree melee attack feature would require actual collision detection, and I'm not sure if Skyrim actually does that.


Characters can swing around giant weapons that pass through multiple enemies, but only the one the crosshair is pointing at gets damaged. It would not surprise me if Skyrim uses a hitscan method (with a delay for the swing, defined by the weapon's speed stat). There is the Sweep perk for the two-handed perk tree, but I wonder if it works as a short-range AOE rather than actual collision detection.

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