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Matching CBBE Textures


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So i've been wandering into all the possible mods i could find and tried them 1 by 1. even using all the base texture from CBBE, and using its texblendlite. but i still can't find the texture that could match perfectly (the body and the face). everything always ended up in different colors. anyone can help with finding the matching texture (if maybe i missed something) or share me the texture for CBBE?

i think i already got all the CBBE textures from nexus but it's all mismatching.

i'm looking for smooth textures.

i'm using ningheim for my character, so it looks fine, but i'm just bugged to see every NPC i saw has a different color between body and face.

thx a lot for the help!

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I'm personally using the "Lovergirl Race" textures.
They come with an amazing head texture 




*Head + body texture both in picture:



*She has a little neck seam here but that's mainly because I still had an other mod active which you can use in addition to these textures and I didn't got that configured correctly.


Anyways the author of the mod has set his file to hidden and never made it visible anymore so finding it is gonna be a pain in the ass, I can give u the filers here so you could use the textures from that mod to overwrite your current body/head textures but I don't know if I'm permitted to do that here because the author never made his mod visible again and I don't got permission to upload it somewhere else.

So u might need to dig a bit around on google (or if someone could give me some more info if i'm allowed to reupload the mod here I could do that).


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