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SoS + Slim Male bodies for SoS + Milkdrinker Texture + Custom Race = Sadness


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UGH!!! Please please help. I have been at this ALL DAY (no joke)  and I need help!


I am trying to make SoS, Custom Races, Slim Male bodies for SoS meshes, and the Milkdrinker textures (from same slim bodies artist)  all play nicely together. However I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. I have literally put all the body meshes into every possible directory configuration within the custom races folders that I can think of.  Still I come up with an 'ALMOST' perfect character:



[[Well...I'd provide pictures but I can't post links so :/  Best I can explain it; I am getting the ugly hairy default skin, a seam at the ankles, and then messed up feet where it looks liek two meshes are loading in together and clipping into one another.]]



I am aware that SoS has problems with custom races. However I got it to a point where your milkdrinker texture DID work but there were some ugly seams with the hands and feet..when trying to fix that it ended up reverting back to the mess you see above. 


Update: And now the NPCs feet which were perfect have the same glitch now that I messed with the load order a bit while trying to nail down this problem. :(

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Update: NPC feet look correct now. Also, I do a BOSS sort. No warnings. I used FNIS and SkyProc Patcher as well since I use Immersive Animations and Dual Sheath Redux. I use XP32 Maximum Skeleton and I have the XPMSPlusSOSplusSMS Skeleton installed as well (I hope correctly in my custom races folder). Here are some pictures of what is going on:



Face texture is working appropriately:



But then the body and hands look like default:



And the feet are messed up:


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Do you have SoS installed so NPC's can use it? If so, is it working?  (also-are you using SoS or SoS light?)


From the picture it looks like you did not install the SoS body mesh or textures. SoS is packaged in a way that to manually install it you have to extract the core files, then pick your body mesh, then body texture, and then schlong types. Since you are then trying to install that into custom races, you will be best off to unpack it somewhere else and then copy your desired files over to custom races.


I've seen similar foot trouble caused by needing femfeet designed for sos, however, I don't think any of your mods require it. But if it persists, you can try installing femfeet.

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Have you installed the feet mod for the male?

I use the same mod but the hairy one. CMO - Complete Male Overhaul - Skyrim's Men Reimagined - CMO - 01 - Quality

Sos and so on.


I installed SoS first since it have some male textures to. You need to overwrite those.

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From what I'm seeing the body meshes are there, but either the textures are in the wrong file directory, or the custom race you are using uses default Skyrim male textures for the body. I'm putting my money on the latter. 


Which means you either A. find a different standalone custom race or B. edit the race in the CK to use its own texture path.


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Just a thought, and sorry if I'm mistaken, but you said you're using a custom race for all of this.


Did you by chance make sure the textures are properly named for the meshes that you are using, and that the meshes is set to use those textures? If I remember correctly, you need to make sure your mesh is redirecting to those textures in order to have it use them. Since they are not the textures that come with what you are using, they might be named differently and the mesh you have is looking for textures that don't exist basically, or are in the wrong folders.


From my understanding, you need to make sure those textures are named properly and that the mesh is directed to use those textures as well, otherwise you'll just get a default vanilla set (which looks like what is going on). This is only an issue with custom races though as far as I know.


Edit: just realized this was already mentioned a couple posts ago. Sorry lol

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