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Skyrim has no papyrus compiler folder? (Steam version+creation kit)


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Hello, sorry to trouble everyone but my skyrim folder has never had a papyrus compiler folder and now that I finally need to find/use it I realized this. I did install the creation kit VIA steam and still nothin, is there something im missing? For obvious reasons I have nothing I can post here besides what my issue is because its not an issue in game or with a mod. Figure Skyrim Technical Support would still be the place for it.

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Try running the Creation Kit once, then check. If that doesn't help, right-click on the Creation Kit in your Steam library, select "properties", and in the local files tab click "Verify integrity of tool cache". If neither of these help, try running Steam as an administrator - you may have Skyrim installed somewhere it's having trouble writing to by default.

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@veladarius you misinterpretted, gooser hit it right on the money the folder simply isnt there.


@Epic I did run it already and still nothin showed up, but upon verifying cache VOILA! FOURTY FOUR missing files. So thank you and thanks to others for being willing to help!

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