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Rather then spam the props thread with stuff that isnt a prop I decided to start a thread for misc and random shit that could be useful


Anyone can contribute but I ask that if you are uploading something that needs additional work, that you password protect the file so this thread does not turn into 50 pages of "dude you broke game"


that said


I converted the Vorcha from Mass Effect 2



In game SS (its pretty dark, and this ones dead I tried to get a shot of a live vorcha but they are just to damn fast)





I added them to the repcon building near novac, they are rigged to use the ghoul skeleton and are currently set up as feral ghouls for testing purposes.


I would like to see them at a later date set up to use laser rifles and plasma grenades but there is no rush on that


The nude body seen in the screen is included but not implemented in the esp


additionally sound files are included I converted them to .wav format but they too are not yet implemented. Someone else will need to do that I wasted half a day at work attempting to get it done only to end up crashing geck on each attempt


more info is in the read me file, because this is a test of an extreme

W.I.P the file is password protected and intended for modders only


If you know what you are doing send me a pm, once I am comfortable that this will not break anyone's game and cause mass suicides I'll make it public unless it gets picked up by someone who wants to do additional work to it


and now that the wall of text is over here is the link





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Please tell me that you are planning on bringing Liara into Fallout. That would make my year!


It is possible to do' date=' I just do not think I could do a complete conversion myself. I am already experiencing major issues with the Oblivion port that I am attempting. Her head and body that are seen in my screen shots are set up as an armor/clothing obj


doing it that way it works fine but there are no facial morphs and any clothing that you would want to use would have to added to the nif


So far my attempts to add her head as an actual head so that I can turn her into a race have caused both the Tes CS to crash and Oblivion during character creation. I know that this is due to the egm and tri files. It could possibly be fixed but even then I believe she would lack facial morphs unless it is possible to create a new egm and tri file


Either fix however requires knowledge that I personally lack, and it is doubtful that anyone who knows how to do it would be willing to work on the port of a rip


If I'm wrong I will gladly turn over what I have done and work with who ever is willing to make the attempt


That is an awesome looking creature, dark grimy whats not to love :D you seriously do awesome work. Have yet to see anything from you I did not like.


The creature is bioware's doing, I only ported it. They look good in New Vegas and my first encounter with one (even knowing it was there) scared the shit out of me. I made these damn things fast, and the feral ghoul animations perfect for them.


The esp has a problem that I dont understand though, while I was running for my life from a pack of these things I ran into an area of the repcon building that simply vanished.


I have no idea why this happened all I did was add creatures to the the interior of the building. I made no other changes


Anyway it led to a rather amusing outcome of my character running into the abyss and more then half a dozen vorcha running mindlessly in after her (I wish I had fraps running at that moment)

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this is pretty cool but needs additional work.



Actually It might not be that hard to fix I had it right but then I decided to BBB it and now the arms are screwed up and nothing I do seems to have any kind of effect.


So I give up on it. It's here for someone else to finish up.

One more thing it will need is a script effect to prevent the player or who ever else is wearing it from using items until it is removed




no password

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Nice stuff' date=' I like it, hope someone can sort it, would be a great way for the courier to wake up in a vault run by crazed genetic scientist's or similar.



raider skin, a shaved head and some lobotomite stitches around the head would really top this off

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