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Best combinations of mods?


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For me, it tends to change on a weekly basis, because I'm always altering my load order to test out new mods or combinations of mods.

However, those that are always present in all of my games are:


HDT High Heels

ZaZ Animation Pack

Devious Devices Integration

Devious Devices Expansion


Lovers Victim

Skyrim Bound

Sexlab Nude Creatures (+DB and DG)

Captured Dreams

Animal Mansion

Sexlab Stories (+devious)

Sexlab solutions V2




But it really depends on what you're into. As you can see from my list, I really like bondage... :)

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You can't say "this is the best". You just can't argue about taste ;)

But to get a basic settlement to work on, I would recommend to get SL Framework, ZaZ Animation Pack, Schlongs of Skyrim and More Nasty Critters. Then you have many animations and new body meshes with some more euipment for all the males (men and animals) :D

For female body replacers I would say CBBE and UNP( B) are the two most spread ones. Me, I use CBBE, just because of the Bodyslide tool ;)


And now, you have to decide:

Want to have more rough sex? Try Defeat or Sanguines Debauchery+

BDSM? Devious Devices, with some addons (look for the lately updated ones, they should be more stable)

More amicable? Spuces enhanced or Radiant Prostitution Tweaked are big ones.

Quest? Sisterhood of Dibella, but I don't know how stable this actually is.


So, here is, what I have ATM:


Schlongs of Skyrim

Zaz Animation Pack

SL Framework

SL More Nasty Critters

SL Aroused

SL Defeat

Sl Dangerously Nude

SL Prison Overhaul


DD Assets, Integration, Expansion

DD Captured Dreams Shop

DD Captures

DD Restrained

DD Cursed Loot

DD Helpless

DD for the Masses II





SD+ Addons (so the DLC patches)

SD+ Cages

SD+ Patches


And, as skeleton: XPMSE 2.06




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