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BSOD Bad_Pool_header & dllhost com surrogate


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I had a BSOD with error message bad_pool_header which i've tried googling and not finding a fix/way to identify the problem, after that happened my new RAM arrived so i whipped out my 8GB and stuck in my 16GB and everything loaded up fine but then when i was browsing some video files while the system was doing a check to try and identify my BSOD issue i noticed that dllhost.exe started using 12GB of memory.


So after some more googling about that i found out their is a known bug in win 7 if you have thumbnail view turned on (which is by default) and view video files


So i've turned that off and dllhost.exe is now behaving and consuming  only 3144k and not 12GB


Does anyone know if those two issues are linked as I'm struggling to find anything out about a BSOD with a bad pool header error message so while I've not had a repeat (and i did happen to be browsing some video files before when my BSOD happened and i had 8 GB of RAM) i don't know if i need to keep looking for something else.


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