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Elin Race please.


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Hey hey


As the title implies [i hope] i am looking for elin race downloads, ive googled it and even looked on here but the thread dedicated to it seems dead as all download links are dead.


If someone who has the Main Elin race mod could upload it to MEGA for me? [and maybe other mirrors since MEGA isnt for everyone]


I apologise if there is a thread about this already i spend alot of time browsing this awesome site and never seen a good download link for this.


Thanks for reading




I am looking for the Main Race files [the files that add the race to skyrim] not the NPC and Enemies mod or the lakeview manor npc replacer [great work with those mods, iam hoping to try them out!]


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You would have had better luck pm'ing me or asking in one of the Elin threads?


Did you look here?  All files are there.



This one adds new face morphs and has better hair compatibility, but is not compatible with the Elin 1 addons.


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so forgive me if iam wrong but, that appears to be NPC and Enemies Psycho...is the main race included in that download link? there didnt appear to be a link to the main race mod even though its stated as a requirement

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