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This one was working fine, but has quit. The NPC have stoped coming up to ask for sex, or rather to just take sex.


I can get veronic with me, and they will tear her up, but my character is just ignored now. I can leave her some where, and they still ignor my character. The king's and other have stoped as well, I have tried increasing the percentage's but some thing it not ticking.


  keep getting aborting 120s in theconsole.


yet there has not been time for 120s


is like is just running through them.

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I went back to and earlier save, and everything seems to be firing there. Is there a reset veriable, of some kind in case a variable does not get re-set for some reason.


  It was not just the king's it was pretty much every one, I could still protitute to some of the mechants, but that was about all.


If I went to work in one of the casino's, nothing happened. I mean it had been working. I did have veronica with me for a bit, and they would all bee line her. but ignored my character. I know plenty of jokes there..LOL


So I put her up, but still no action.

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I believe I tracked this problem down to a Left over sexout token, one that did not get removed, or I dumb arsed, and picked it up from a dead NPC ( which is possible if i used take all by mistake ) be ware of Items with name "DO NOT TAKE OR BUY" in there name.


if find using "Showinventory" command and are not having sex, you need to do the Player.removeitem xxxxxxxx 1 or how ever many you have the xxxxxxxx is the Id number that showinventory gives you.

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