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Wrong with Sex lab defeat mod


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defeat mod doesn't work regularly.


i check the option. when defeated, charactor will be pushed down..then ooxx......showing AP animation. After that , enermy can steal equipment and money as well as charactor receiving thre task.


things here are all right. but after that everything going wrong. when the AP processing over, i can not move or escape. the only action i can take is using item. After freezing 10 seconds , enermy attacked again..


here is my skyrim mod list:

FINS 5.1.1

sex lab 1.59+

defeat v5b.3.4


do you have any idea?

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Thank you , @Slorm . Things are quite different. 


I review the Sex labs -> Defeat options. i have activated Resist . and i think it does work. The first time when charactor pushed down ,  i can use QTE then have control. But my problems is when AP animation over, then showing the hint and QTE.  i can't recover control in This time QTE . my charactor freezing.


now i thought that might be the problem about sex labs. i have installed other mods. 


Mods List:{


hentai Pregnancy;

sexlab arouset;

sexlab describe;


sexlab romance;

sexlab squirt}


May i should post this topic into SEX LABS TECH SUPPORT?




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