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Adding sounds to active effects?


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Can anyone teach me how to add a sound to an active effect?


For example i use a shout that slows down time, how do i add a sound that will play while the slow down is active and stops when the duration ends.


Another one is anyone knows what the spell or power better vampire's useses for their side step slow mo perk, i had an idea to add to it, but i can only find the script used in it not the spell power, or ability itself.


Thanks a bunch

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In Magic Effect window attach script with this event

Event OnEffectStart(Actor akTarget, Actor akCaster)

PlaySound <sound-file-property>


Hey thanks, im not that much familiar with skyrim scripting yet, can you teach me how to do it step by step.


Pretty please :)


There are no scripts in the object window is it handle differently in skyrim?


I know how scripting works in fo3/nv and oblivion but skyrim, im getting confused lol.



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