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Looking for dresses (close to Lore if possible)


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I feel like the vanilla dresses for female NPCs is very limited on variety.  I was hoping for some links to custom clothing and dresses (Lore friendly even better, but I'll take those that aren't so much too) :)  UNP is what I use, but UNPB and Vanilla works as well.


Thank you for any help :)



Here are a few pictures of some examples, of dresses I already have.  But they seem more for richer classes rather then peasants so I'm hoping for some more options; realistic for their class that are nice.  But like I said I'll try unlore too.  You guys are awesome :)


And here are a couple downloads I already found and use.  If you don't have these yet either, well here they are!  They can be found on the Nexus.


Ambrosia Fashions by YamiElisa



Maid Outfits by zzjay and Grace Darkling










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