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Looking for a bodyslot identifier?


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I'm trying to figure out some body part slot numbers for some armor downloaded from a Japanese mod site. The author didn't include the information in the readme or download page. My conversational Japanese is terrible, so I don't want to contact him... and I really don't feel like mucking about in the nifs or esps right now; I just want some concise information. 


Is there a mod (probably using MCM, but I'll even take a msgbox/spell implementation) which will report the name of a piece of work armor/clothing and which slot it's using? Something like: "slot 36 - ring of blah; slot 37 - leather boots of derp"  Even if it's packaged as a debug feature on another mod/framework? 

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Foxy,  TESVEdit can show you the slots used by the armor.  In the used mods name/Armor/BOD2 (Biped Body Template)/First person Flags.  


Checking in several mods showed this to be a good way of seeing what slots are used.  Never know you might be able to reassign the used slot.  I haven't tried it yet but will several times to test my ideas.

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@jrok72 Thanks! Showed me exactly what I needed! I think to actually change the associated body slots you need to edit the biped slot in nifskope and change it in CS, but I guess TESVEdit can handle the CS part. 



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