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Scripting Mindset Problem

Guest Suited Prawns

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Guest Suited Prawns

So ive been doing small scripts now and then, and ive tried to use sexlab a few times but I all ways seem to run into the same problem, I cant get the game to figure out who the player is talking to, since I have looked at a few mods that aim to do the same thing as I am going for but they all seem to not use dialouge at all. 

Now I dont know if I am out of my depth or just inept, so I was hoping to get some help from some of you talented modders.

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If you open any tif scripts (topic info fragments), those that are used in dialogue, in an external editor, you'll see this in them:



Function Fragment_0(ObjectReference akSpeakerRef)
Actor akSpeaker = akSpeakerRef as Actor

So the fragment functions take the speaker as a parameter, but conviniently hide it from you.


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