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How to know when an animation repeats within a stage?

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We know that an animation replays over & over within a stage. But, is there anyway to know when an animation repeats within a stage?


Is there an event like animation_repeat, to know when an animation is finished and begins repeating?


I'm trying to sync a scene to always start playing at the start of an animation and as soon as that animation begins repeating again.


Here is a more thorough explanation:


AnimationA has 120 frames.




Event AnimationA_End()







I basically want to sync a scene to start as soon as the animation starts and as soon as it repeats again, within a stage.

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My current solution is to start the scene on StageStart, then have the scene repeat. The problem with this is I have to take extra time, to time every scene through trial and error, to maintain sync with sexual or foreplay animations. Not a big deal, just time consuming.


But if I could simply start a scene each time an animation repeats, the scene timing would be perfect every time. If there was only a way to register an event that fires when an animation repeats.

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There is no way with Skyrims engine as it is now to detect when an animation finishes/starts a loop. Maybe something could be done to accomplish that with an SKSE plugin, but I haven't a clue where one would start to make that happen.


Closest you could get right now is to time how long a loop takes in certain animations and trigger an event based on a timer. 

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