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New Modder looking for advice


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Hiya folks,


I'm downloading Skyrim and the creation kit from Steam as I type. I've never modded before so I would like to know a few things please.


For someone who never modded before and is semi computer literate, how steep is the learning curve?

Also, I saw a few very hot Skyrim sex videos and want to make my own, in particular I would really like to create videos of Aela and Lydia with male orcs, and later on when I get better thow in a pregnancy as well.


Do any videos exist of either Aela or Lydia with a male orc? Are they possible to make or are their certain race restricions?


Thanks, sorry if these questions have been asked alot before, please be patient with this modding newb :)


Thank you

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I found going through each of the tutorials on the creation kit website was a massive help. Before doing those I had no prior modding experience.


There are also a lot of good tutorials on youtube. The most helpful for me were the ones by darkfox127 and doughamil.


The creation kit can be a bit frustrating at times but stick at it. Best of luck!

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The CK is purely for the purpose of creating mods, and is not required to install or play them.


Learning how to install mods for Skyrim isn't very difficult. You'll need SKSE and FNIS to start things off, and remember to re-run FNIS after installing mods.

Read the installation instructions and pay attention to load orders. Use a mod manager to install things so that you can uninstall them later if you made a mistake or found an incompatibility or just don't want them.


Creating videos is completely unrelated to modding. You can create a video with whatever capture software you want. I personally use FRAPS because I happen to have a copy from long ago and it's enough for what I do, but others should have better suggestions.


As for race restrictions with Sexlab, there shouldn't be any. And I say shouldn't, because you could theoretically find some mod that adds "orcs" that don't utilize a vanilla skeleton and thus will not be recognized by Sexlab. But anything from the vanilla (=base) game will be fine.

As for whether or not any such videos exist, I can't really say... I've never looked for them (or any other Skyrim videos) so I don't know.

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What I've been doing is keeping a blog updated every time I release an updated version of a project. Some folks may offer advice in response to entries, at the very best, and a blog, at the very least, will provide journal entries that can help keep track of what you have accomplished, ideas that have yet to be decided, unanswered questions, and details that you will inevitably forget, and all of it will be kept in one organized place.


Have fun.

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