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Did it mostly for myself, getting too tired of having to keep switching gear base on what spell I am casting.

Nothing new or pretty to look at.

Requires Dragonborn DLC


Adds a circlet that has all three Dragonborn DLC Dragon Priest Mask enchantments. Heavy armor, same armor rating as the masks, same weight, same Daedric tempering perk, but only takes up the circlet slot and worth 0 gold


Craft it at a forge with 1 iron ingot. Will only show up if you have all three of the DB DLC masks in inventory. It won't consume the mask.


Or type in console

help "dragon priest circlet"


Adds 7 rings with varying degree of spell cost reduction to all 5 schools of spells.

22%, 25%, 29%, 36%, 43%, 53%, and 100%

They can be disenchant separately to learn all 7 different enchantments. I can't figure out how to have all spell reductions enchantment to scale with skill level and soul gem, so made 7 fixed enchantments instead, they will not scale base on skill nor type of soul gem used.


All of them can be craft at forge with 1 iron ingot but they have different requirements for them to appear:

22% Need 5/5 Enchanter perk and Insightful Enchanter perk

25% All of above plus level 100 Enchanting

29% All of above plus level 100 Alchemy, 5/5 Alchemist perk, and Benefactor perk

36% All of above plus Extra Effect perk, and 120 Alchemy Mod (wear Fortify Alchemy gear)

43% All of above plus Necromage perk

53% All of above except requires 172 Alchemy Mod

100% All of above except requires 210 Alchemy Mod


They should show up if the requirements are met, haven't tested them fully yet. Could use a little better balancing too but whatever.


Or type in console

help "Casting"

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Thank you for this. I did something similar for myself a while back, in amulet form, and it worked relatively well... I used the already extant all-spells cost reduction enchantment in game, and it ended up reducing the cost of Alteration by 244% or something like that, but at least it worked.


This is much better.

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mmm swear I edited the post a while posting it, weird it didn't update, so did it again...hope this one stays.


Added note on where the enchantment can go on: ring, head, body, amulet, much like a standard magic fortify enchantment.

Also a note on name display bug while in the enchantment menu. The name will change from Fortify X Casting to Fortify Alteration when you click on it, but it works as it should.



Yea when you put multiple magic effects on into an enchantment and let the magnitude to be adjustable by skill or soul gem, it seems to only affect one of the effects, the rest will stay the same. The Archmage robe, Saarthal Amulet, and Diadem of Savant are all technically multiple fortify X magic effects roll into one enchantment.

This is why the vanilla robe enchantment Fortify Xschool and +X magicka regen is "bugged" that the magicka regen is stuck at 10% when you try to enchant one yourself.

I think it picks the one with the highest "cost" and scale only that one. If i manually set their cost to be the same across all of them it will still pick one out from the list and improve only that one. I think it then checks for preference through either an ID or alphabetical...but doesn't matter the point is I can't get them all to scale at the same time :P


Even getting them to be a fix value was tricky, I had to duplicate the vanilla magic effects and then disable the magnitude. There's a mod out there that can do it by using the vanilla magic effects without resorting to making new ones, but even after digging through its esp I still don't know how he did it!

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