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Video in Skyrim - Is it possible?


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I'm totally new to modding, and have been having fun poking around with the Creation Kit. Something that I saw in the Oblivion Mod "Crowning Isle" got me thinking about something I'd like to try in a Skyrim mod. Those of you who've done Crowning Isle might remember an animation of a girl having fun with a banana in the SOAP headquarters. If I remember right, it was a painting texture that was replaced with the animation.


The animation framerate was slow--it may have only been 3-5 looping frames--but it was cool.


It got me wondering if it's possible to import digital video--an avi or mov file--into Skyrim by sticking it on a wall or painting. If so, would you use NifScope and Blender, which seems to be the standard way people create/modify graphics?


As you can tell, I have zero 3D graphics experience, but I'd be willing to learn if I knew this was possible.





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I have not looked, I know Oblivion, and morrowind used Bink files, and i would assume that Skyrim does as well, But I have not check, but these bink videos you could call up and play in OB and Morrowind as cinematic scene cuts, and some people did use them in mods.


I am betting something similar can also be done in skyrim.

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Cool. So is there any way to animate a video on a wall or painting they way you'd animate a torch or tree?


yes but not with bink, this is done with textures in nif files, I have done this often in OB, in fact I have one of those type nif files I made in Crowning isle SOAP school, and I have many that I made in tagsyenyang mod. I would assume this will be possible in Skyrim too. But I have not looked into it yet, and the Nifskope I have for skyrim is not quite as manageable as the one for OB. Mostly I have used them for pictures I hang on walls that have videos in them.


But the technique is also used for flaming swords and armors, as well as other use's.

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